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Video Drain Inspection Nichols Hills, OK

Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect offers the latest trenchless inspection services to customers in Nichols Hills!.We are a proud, local company with 10 years of successful service. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect’s methods have been continuously updated over the course of our success, and our methods are derived from our extensive family history of talented plumbing contractors. Our technicians can run a video drain inspection on your pipes to check for clogs, cracks, critters, and corrosion.

Benefits of Trenchless Video Drain Inspection

Our video drain inspection services help us best determine proper corrective procedures. When we inspect your Nichols Hills drains with our video drain cameras, we don’t have to dig or disrupt the area, and we can be absolutely certain that our diagnosis is correct. The procedure is a regular prelude to most of our service offerings because it helps save everyone time. Since our technicians are able to inspect from above-ground, the video drain inspection is always a hassle-free, cost-efficient way to diagnose larger problems.

You should call us for a video drain inspection if you are experiencing symptoms like:

  • Frequent clogs
  • Water damage or leakage
  • Altered water pressure
  • Gurgling in appliances
  • Sinkholes in lawn

Call our friendly technicians today to run an inspection, and we can get to the bottom of the problem quickly.

How We Professionally Inspect Drains in Nichols Hills

Our technicians will lower a camera into your drain through a point of entry, and snake it through your home’s water channels. Our cameras are equipped with waterproof LED lights. They will shine brightly, and project a high-definition image of your pipe’s interior onto a screen above-ground, where your technician can view it. Together, you and your technician can view the inside of your pipes, and determine the exact problem at-hand.

What to Expect from your Nichols Hills Technician

Our technicians are friendly, professional, timely, and articulate. We show up because we have a job to do: to solve your problem, and to secure the affected area. We understand that plumbing problems can come with sanitation and health threats to those who live in the affected area. You can count on our technicians to ensure that you have clean, running water, and to scan the area for risky side effects of plumbing problems.

Call Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect in Nichols Hills Today

If you have any deep concerns about your pipes, be sure to call us for a quick inspection. Our Nichols Hills technicians are able to operate our technology fast, and provide you with the data you need to continue your daily routines. Over the course of our company’s success, we have strived to grow with the changing methods of modern-day plumbing, and are proud to offer our Nichols Hills customers only the best. Give us a call or submit an electronic service request form on our site today. We appreciate your time, and look forward to working with you!

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