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Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation Bethany, OK

No Bethany resident wants to deal with sewer problems and our company understands why. Our team at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect, we pride ourselves on delivering trenchless technology so that these matters can be handled quickly, reasonably and practically. Sewer and drain pipes can crack, leak and quickly cause emergency situations. No city wants to restrict traffic, disrupt landscapes and daily life unless absolutely necessary. Our company can help you keep these problems at bay with our state-of-the-art equipment and knowhow. We understand that plumbing concerns need to be handled discreetly and efficiently.

Prepping Your Bethany Pipes for Repair

In order to properly restore your pipes to their normal condition, they need to be properly inspected. Sewer camera inspections are used at the beginning of every trenchless pipe service and then provide our team with a real-time view of your pipe’s interior. Sewer camera inspections utilize a single access point that is used throughout the entirety of the trenchless rehabilitation process. Through that single access point, our team will insert a high-resolution camera into your pipes that is either attached to a flexible rod or sewer camera transporter, depending on your pipe’s diameter. As the camera moves through your Bethany pipe system, it will reveal that exact area of your pipe that needs repair. When the inspection is complete, our team will have all the necessary information to provide you with a trenchless solution that best meets your needs.

Trenchless Technology in Bethany, OK

Trenchless technology provides a practical way to repair or replace your pipes from within. This option allows the problem to be resolved without removing the old or damaged pipe. Bethany individuals and community leaders have the option of using pipe lining technology to make sure their sewer and drain lines continue to quietly and efficiently do their work. The pipe lining process uses the same access point as the sewer camera inspection, and your pipes will also be cleaned before they are lined. An epoxy saturated felt liner will be inserted into your pipe. As the liner is pushed through your pipe, it will coat its interior sealing all imperfections within your pipe. The liner is left to harden in place for a few hours or as little as 60 minutes if heat is used. When the liner has finished hardening, it will be removed and your pipes will be inspected once more to make sure the liner is properly in place, leaving you with a brand-new pipe insides of your existing one.

When a pipe needs to be completely replaced, pipe bursting technology inserts a new pipe while removing the damaged one. It avoids excavation and can be done quickly and affordably. It is a wonderful choice for replacing old lines. Bethany citizens can have their plumbing problems resolved effectively with our professional skills and service.

Work with the Best Trenchless Experts in Bethany

In our 19 years of experience, we have learned our trade well. We know what works and can offer the best to Bethany families. Our respect, individual attention and quick service can help you stay on track. Don’t let plumbing problems ruin your day. We know those in Bethany have choices in who they trust with their homes. Our company is ready and willing to discuss your concern in time honored traditions. Our company brings family tradition and pride to each and every one of our customers. Call our friendly associates at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect to get started with your trenchless services today.

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