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Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation

Most customers have not imagined how a drain line is repaired. The water that drains from each faucet, travels to a larger drain located under the concrete slab floor. In the event the drain line has a collapse, the concrete floor “used to require a jack-hammer and busted out” to perform repairs. That was then.

NOW, with technology available by Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect, the drain line can be repaired by cleaning the line and installing a liner that runs inside the pipe, that covers the hole or collapsed area. Though each job is different, 75% of drain lines can be repaired using a trenchless method listed below:

Our Trenchless Pipe Rehabilitation is designed to rehabilitate most any damaged concealed pipe, we would ever encounter. We cover this territory in the following 2 Categories:


We use a variety of techniques depending on the problem to repair the primary waste lines in residential homes, apartments and commercial businesses. The most common method we use is the “pull in place” method. We use special proprietary tools to clean the existing Cast Iron, PVC or Orangeburg Pipe. We then prepare a liner measured for the section of pipe that has failed. Next, we prepare and pull the new liner into the existing pipe and allow it to cure. We then pull and discard the old bladder. For the final, we clean and polish the newly lined pipe. In most cases, we can repair drain lines under the concrete slabs in homes, under driveways, patios and pool deck without a need to access the concrete slab.


We use a variety of techniques depending on the problem to repair the pipes supplying the drinkable water supply into the residential home, business or apartment. We use a proprietary cleaning method to clean the old rust and scale from the old galvanized, copper or metallic water pipes. We then prepare and purge the system with an epoxy coating that restores the existing piping.

For systems with PVC, POLY or PEX tubing we have other relining methods available. Ask for further details. In most cases, we can repair the POTABLE water distribution under the concrete slab, concealed in walls and underground, without a need of access to the majority of the system. For more information, visit our trenchless site!

Hi-Tech does The impossible! Read about Historic Union Station here!

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