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Electronic Leak Detection

This equipment is used to locate leaks in domestic water systems. There are many different pieces of equipment used to locate many different types of leaks. We have several instruments and techniques used to find leaks in most any system found. This eliminates damage to the dwelling, as well as fixes the problem faster by finding the problem quicker.

electronic leak detection Oaklahoma City

When we repair a leak under the slab floor, we protect your walls and home, by using plastic to seal off the work area.

Many leaks in poly or pex piping are caused by gophers. The shallow slabs and bathtubs on exterior walls make a playground for gophers and moles. They attract to the heat moving through the pipes that warms the ground.

pipe leak detection Oaklahoma City

Old galvanized piping under homes corrode from the inside limiting flow. They eventially rust out and leak.

drain leak detection Oaklahoma City

Most leaks are caused by the rubbing that occurs when metal rods touch the copper, as used to hold the pipes in place before the concrete slab is poured.

“As a plumbing contractor in Oklahoma (equivalent to a master plumber), Mullin has seen the competition in leak detection grow. He notes, however, that there is no license required and many operators do not have the plumbing background or capability to go in and do the repair. Hi-Tech is fully licensed and therefore can offer complete service, a benefit to their customers.”

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