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Drain Collapse Repair

Slab Access: The floor covering is removed, and the concrete slab is busted or cut sawed. Some drain repairs require several feet of access. In this case, we will skip 3 to 5 feet every 5 feet, to limit damage to the foundation during the repair. The sand or soil under the concrete is then excavated down to the leaking pipe. The pipe is then repaired using high quality materials. To connect to the drain line, we exceed local plumbing codes by installation of metallic banded fittings, to ensure a repair that lasts. We then back-fill and replace the concrete to a rough finish, ready for your contractor of choice to install the finish flooring. The risk with this repair option, is the remaining portion of the line is the same material and age as the original leak. You may soon find another leak on this line; however, our workmanship and repair are guaranteed for 5 years.

Reroute around the house: Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect seeks to find the best option of repair that saves damage to your home or business. It may be the case that rerouting the drain line around the house and connect at a deeper point of the main sewer, is the best option. We will evaluate the amount of area that the traditional slab access would require, compared to rerouting the drain around the home.

Trenchless Method: Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect offers many trenchless methods from bursting the pipe from within and pulling a new pipe in place, to using epoxy coated felt to pull a new pipe in place over the break. We also offer boring services. We will evaluate the best option of repair, to save damage to the home and needless expense.

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