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How To Know Where A Leak Is Coming From

August 17, 2022 | Blog

Plumbing, mostly, runs underground. While not visible, that doesn’t mean your pipes can’t cause problems inside your home. If your plumbing suffers a slab leak or a leak in the pipes under a home’s foundation, water damage is a major possibility. This can lead to problems with a home’s interior and plumbing.

As a home’s plumbing systems can be relatively large, it can be hard to determine where the leak is coming from. Thankfully, you won’t have to walk in blindly! Hi-Tech Plumbing and Leak Detect are here to help homeowners with their leak detection goals. By teaching you the signs to look out for, our professionals are ready to help with any water leak.

First Sign: An Increased Water Bill

While not telling you where a leak is, a sudden surge in water usage indicates that something could be off with your home’s plumbing. However, keep in mind that visitors and changes in routine can also affect how much water is being used.

Changes in water usage will, quite obviously, affect your water bills. If you notice this, watch out for any of the following indicators to determine if and where you have a leak.

Floor “Hot Spots” Or Humid Rooms

One leak detection method is looking for any “hot spots” on your floor. These are focused spots of warmth on a floor or a room that is warm or humid, both an indicator of possible slab leaks. This type of water leak, in a hot water line, causes hot water to accumulate, transferring heat into the surrounding environment and floor.

Water Around Your Home’s Foundation

If you think you might have a slab leak, you’ll probably be able to find some quite obvious signs outside your home. All that extra moisture can’t stay in your pipes after all!

If you’re suspicious of a leak, walk around your home’s perimeter and examine it carefully for standing water, moss or mud. If you aren’t overwatering your plants…if you don’t rely on rain…and you don’t have irrigation issues, you might have a slab leak.

Ceiling & Wall Cracks

Not only are ceiling and wall cracks unflattering to look at, but they are another sign of a leak. While settling can cause small cracks over time, new cracks popping up out of nowhere may indicate water leak problems.

Hearing Running Or Dripping Water

Are one or more of your water fixtures on? If yes, it’s normal to hear running or dripping water.

Wait, all your fixtures are off? Are you sure?

No, you’re probably not hearing things. Hearing running water when all water fixtures are shut off means you most likely have a plumbing issue.

Think You Have A Slab Leak?

While slab leaks can be accompanied by many irritating symptoms, these same symptoms can also indicate other possible issues. Emergency plumbing and slab leak repairs can be expensive, not to mention that finding a contractor to remove mold or repair damage can be tedious.

Notice any early signs of a slab leak, or any other plumbing problems, in your home? Contact Hi-Tech Plumbing and Leak Detect today and schedule an appointment with a professional in plumbing repair services. No matter the problem, no matter the sign, we can fix it!

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