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How To Fix Your Drain Snake That Isn’t Working

February 20, 2024 | Blog

Troubleshooting Tips For A Smooth-Flowing Solution

Are you dealing with a stubborn clog and finding that your trusty drain snake isn’t doing the trick? Fret not! In this guide, we’ll explore common issues and solutions to get your drain snake working efficiently again.

From differentiating between a toilet auger and a snake to maneuvering around corners, we’ve got you covered. The team at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect is here to shed light on common plumbing issues in Edmond, OK, homes.

Understanding The Basics: Toilet Auger vs. Snake

Before diving into troubleshooting, it’s crucial to understand the distinction between a toilet auger and a snake. While both are designed for clearing blockages, a toilet auger is specifically tailored for toilet pipes, featuring a long, flexible tube to reach and remove clogs.

On the other hand, a snake is a more versatile tool that can tackle various drain types, making it a go-to solution for sinks and showers.

Diagnosing The Issue

If your drain snake seems ineffective, consider these troubleshooting steps to identify and address the problem.

1. Inspect The Snake For Damage

Check for any kinks, bends or damage to the snake cable. Even minor issues can impact its effectiveness. Replace damaged sections if necessary.

2. Ensure Proper Size And Type

Using the correct size and type of snake for the job is crucial. A snake that is too small may not provide enough force, while one that is too large could cause damage. Confirm you’re using the right tool for the specific drain.

3. Lubricate The Cable

Apply a small amount of lubricant and cable protectant to the snake cable before use. This can help it move more smoothly through the pipes and navigate tight corners.

4. Check For Obstructions

Inspect the drain snake for any debris or foreign objects stuck in the cable. Clearing these obstructions can significantly improve its performance.

5. Maneuvering Around Corners

One common challenge is figuring out how to make a plumbing snake turn corners. Here are some tips:

  • Flexible cable — Opt for a snake with a flexible cable that can easily navigate bends in the pipes.
  • Slow and steady — Move the snake slowly and steadily when reaching corners to prevent it from getting stuck.
  • Use a guide — If possible, use a guide or mark the length of the cable to track its progress and ensure it reaches the blockage.

By incorporating these tips, you’ll navigate bends with confidence and tackle blockages effectively.

6. Seeking Professional Help

If, despite your efforts, the snake remains stuck in the drain or the clog persists, it may be time to seek the expertise of a professional plumber. Our team has the tools and experience to address complex plumbing issues. Don’t hesitate to reach out for top-notch plumbing services in Edmond!

Navigating The Maze: Decoding Your Plumbing With Hi-Tech

By following these guidelines, you can troubleshoot and overcome challenges with your drain snake, ensuring it remains a reliable tool in your plumbing arsenal. Remember, a little maintenance and care go a long way in keeping your equipment in good condition.

If your pipe problems are becoming too much to handle on your own, reach out to our team. Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect is ready to help you!

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