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Electronic Leak Detection Bethany, OK

Bethany residents can suddenly notice something in their house or yard is different. Maybe a part of their yard is now always wet. Water bills may suddenly be higher than they have been and there seems to be no explanation for it. Mildew smells may be too strong to ignore. It may be unsettling to realize there is a problem in your home that seems to be getting worse. Our trained plumbers and outstanding equipment can find and take care of the problem quickly.

Hidden Water Damage in Bethany

Professionals can find a problem even if you cannot see it. Leaks can happen in deeply hidden places. Ones that happen under the foundation, within walls, or under the yard can be frustrating to locate and resolve. In the past, plumbers guessed about where a leak might happen. Often there would be lots of digging to try and find the issue. These days, our plumbers working in Bethany, use high tech electronic equipment to listen for a leak. Then they can tell exactly where the leak is.

Possible Problems Underneath Your Home

The soil can settle and shift over time and put pressure on the foundation and water lines which can cause a leak. Extreme weather such as heavy rains, thunder storms, tornados or earthquakes can disrupt the ground under your home or yard. Heat and chemicals from your property can cause damage to your pipes and cause cracks and other damage. As Bethany houses age, leaks of all sizes can happen on, under and within your home.

Destruction Caused by Water Leaks

After a water leak is found in a hidden area, plumbers need to dig and disturb the area, so it can be fixed. Using electronic technology can reduce how much area needs to be uprooted. Leaks can cause damage to the floor, walls, foundation, roof and most importantly your health. Mold can come from a leak and the spores can spread into the air and onto everything near them. For some people, mold can severely affect their breathing and many systems of the body. If a leak goes for a long time without being found, the mold can grow and devastate the entire building. Mold can affect people and animals. The Bethany community can find help for this problem.

Schedule an Appoint for Your Bethany Property Today

We are often told never to use electricity near water. Our professionals can do just that. We can use specific electronic equipment to locate a leak in a fast and efficient way. Our company knows how to use hi tech instruments to hear water moving which can find a leak. The people of Bethany can call us to get the advantages of this technology in their homes.

Our company has state of the art electronics and highly trained professionals who can find your leak very quickly. Even deeply hidden water damage can be found easily. We want you to know that you don’t need to handle it alone. At Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect, we are standing-by and always ready to assist you.

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