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Video Drain Inspections Bethany, OK

In the past plumbers were using guesswork to determine where a plumbing problem may be. Today’s technology allows for pinpointing an issue up close and in real time. Our professionals at Hi-Tech Plumbing & Leak Detect can now run a video line through your sewer and drain pipes which saves money and time. Big and small pipes can be viewed and blocks can be identified and removed.

Bethany Residents Can Save Money by Using Drain Inspection

This technology can be used to quickly and safely locate a blockage due to tree roots, scale or debris. The changing weather conditions of Bethany can cause the ground to shift which allows for obstructions to happen in the sewer and drain line. A plumber can identify the exact area of the problem whether it is a branch or house sewer line. Trenchless technology, both video inspection and repair, reduces downtime and can clear the issue quickly and discreetly.

Inspect Your Pipes Before Buying a New Home

Another advantage of a video inspection is that plumbing problems can be avoided if any Bethany homeowner wants to do any remodeling or adding of a kitchen or bathroom. Because these changes can cause increased wastewater, an inspection can ensure that your sewer and drain system can handle the additional burden. Inspections do add to the cost of a project. However, they are a small investment compared to the crisis of a sewer and drain problem.

The Importance of Video Drain Inspection Bethany

The ability to view sewer and drain lines up close utilizes fiber optic technology. Equipment includes: a service truck, inspection camera, cable and winch. The ability to see the damage inside of the pipes makes this technology perfect for working with storm drains, pipelines and plumbing systems. Unlike systems that can be rented to the public, professional equipment allows for more concise viewing at greater distances and depths.

Drain Inspection Can Support Your Community

The people of Bethany value honesty, hard work and commitment. We do as well. Our company understands how important your time is and we want to help you make the most of it. Our trenchless technology can keep sewer and drain systems quietly doing their job. Whether the work is residential, commercial or municipal, we are here to identify and repair your plumbing concerns.

Let Us Inspect Your Bethany Pipes Today

Our company has been using this technology for 15 years. We understand how to make it work for you. There is no wasted time wondering where the problem is or how to get to it. Our equipment gives us a clear picture of what the problem is and our experience allows us the ability to get the job done. Our professionals can help the people of Bethany avoid delays, downtime, unneeded trenching and unpleasant smells. We look forward to keeping your plumbing problems under control.

Bethany has a long and prideful history of determination and pride. Its citizens prioritize quality. We have been honored to work with families who strive to make their lives better. Don’t let plumbing concerns stop you. We can make a difference. Give us a call and let us help you!

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