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Electronic Leak Detection The Village, OK

At Hi-Tech Plumbing and Leak Detect, we understand how frustrating it can be to identify a problem within your pipe system. Maybe you see a part of your yard that always seems to be wet. Even rising water bills may be too much of a problem to ignore. Smelling mildew or seeing mold can certainly cause you to be concerned about a potential leak. Seeing these signs can be upsetting. Let our company help you fix this problem. Our trained plumbers and outstanding equipment can take care of the problem quickly.

A Hidden Leak in The Village

Even if there is no visible sign of a leak, it is possible to have a leak under concrete or inside of a wall. Traditionally, plumbers would guess about where there might be a problem. Then they would dig up a big area to look for the issue. Today, professionals who work in The Village can use electronic equipment to listen for a leak and then zero in on the exact location.

Causes of a Leak Underneath the Concrete Slab of Your Home

The ground below your home can shift and put pressure on the concrete slab and water lines which can then cause a leak. Heat from the pipes in your home and chemicals in the ground can cause damage to your lines and cause leaking. As houses in The Village age, water problems can happen on the roof, within the walls, underneath the floors or under the foundation.

Potential Dangers of Water Damage

If there is a water leak, parts of your home will need to be disturbed so that it can be fixed. Water damage can destroy furniture, appliances, structures such as walls, windows and doors. Another problem that can happen is that mold can affect the health of many people. The longer a leak is undetected the more mold is actively growing in the home. This can affect the health of adults, children and pets. No one in The Village needs to live with these concerns. There is help available.

Let Our Team Identify Your Pipe Leaks Today

As odd as it may be to think of electricity and water together, modern technology can use one to stop the problems of the other. A professional plumber can use electronic equipment to listen for the sound of running water. The complex equipment can find exactly where the leak is located quickly and easily. This technology is now available in The Village and can identify a problem underground, inside of walls, the roof, decking and foundation.

Our experienced professionals have cutting edge equipment which can pinpoint your leak quickly and easily. We know how to save you time and money even with a deeply hidden water problem. Sometimes The Village community needs to work with aging buildings or fast changing weather. Our company wants you to know that you don’t need to handle it alone. We can quickly diagnose the problem and give you a practical solution and a good price. Let us help you by calling our team at Hi-Tech Plumbing and Leak Detect today.

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